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Outdoor kitchens allow us to feel connected with nature without having to hop on a plane or drive somewhere. We live in a digital era that outdoor living reminds us of simpler days. Outdoor Kitchens allow you to entertain big groups on the deck or patio instead of feeling crowded inside. Being outdoors can create a sense of romance and adventure without ever leaving your outdoor area.

Developing the perfect plan and location of an outdoor kitchen can be difficult. At Primeline we are with the customer every step of the way guiding and helping make decisions so the customer is completely satisfied. Once the location of the kitchen is decided the fun part of designing what it looks like comes next. We have a variety of options from our veneer stone outdoor kitchens to the durable Werever Cabinetry. We also carry name brand grills. The size, height, and shape are all important factors that determine how the outdoor kitchen will look. With our software we create 3D illustrations that give the customer a realistic image of what their outdoor kitchen will look like.

Today the grill is the focal point of most outdoor kitchens. Eight out of ten households in the United States own a grill. There are seemingly limitless options so choosing the right grill for your outdoor kitchen can be overwhelming. Primeline is dedicated to helping you choose the perfect appliances for your outdoor living.

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