our team

  • Cathy Cooley
    Cathy Cooley Project Management

    Cathy has years of experience managing projects in various settings.

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson General Manager of Primeline Landscape

    Mark has 15 years of experience serving the landscape needs of our local community.

  • Abby Ogle
    Abby Ogle Administrator - Primeline

    Abby brings experience in smiling, hospitality and management to the team.

  • Joe Buhle
    Joe Buhle Finance Manager - Primeline

    Joe brings an accounting and finance background to our project management team.

  • Russ Greene
    Russ Greene General Manager of Primeline Outdoor Living

    Russ is a nationally recognized speaker on outdoor kitchens for the NKBA and has been designing outdoor spaces for over 7 years. He has been published in multiple outdoor living publications. Russ’s true passion is his determination to dominate the world in Rock, Paper, Scissors competitions.

  • Scott Cooley
    Scott Cooley COO - Primeline

    Scott brings 25 years of experience in business operations. He has 4 teenagers that make him an expert negotiator, and the buck stops here with customer satisfaction.

  • Brett Bontrager
    Brett Bontrager Owner - Primeline

    Brett brings years of corporate experience in the services industry.

  • Pam Bontrager
    Pam Bontrager Owner - Primeline

    Pam brings decades of experience operating small businesses.

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